► Name ➔ steph

► Birth place ➔ abington, pa

► Where Do I live ➔ los angeles, ca

► Hair color ➔ dark brown

► Eye Color ➔ hazel

► Birthday ➔ nov 3

► Gender ➔ female

► Lefty or Righty ➔ righty

► Single or taken? ➔ single and don’t know how to mingle

► Happy? ➔ most of the time yes


► Are you in love ➔ not romantically which is what this question really means lol

► Do you believe in love at first sight ➔ not love, no. lust for sure.

► Who ended your last relationship ➔ uhhh technically me but i did a very horrible, avoidy job about it and sort of just left the state instead

► Have you ever broken someone’s heart ➔ idk probably not

► Are you afraid of commitment ➔ kind of

► Have you hugged someone within the last week? ➔ i don’t think so actually

► Have you ever had a secret admirer ➔ not that they made themselves aware to me

► Have you ever broken your own heart? ➔ what does that mean 

► Do you usually spend Valentine’s Day alone? ➔ i’ve spent all 25 of my valentine’s days “alone”

► Short or long-term relationships? ➔ idk whatever feels right

► Love or lust ➔ i’ll take either at this point in my life

► Lemonade or iced tea ➔ iced tea

► Cats or Dogs ➔ cats

► A few best friends or many regular friends ➔ i prefer the former

► Television or internet ➔ internet

► Pepsi or Coke ➔ i don’t really like soda and when i do i don’t like stupid colas

► Wild night out or romantic night in ➔ i prefer a night in but it doesn’t have to be anything particular, wild or romantic

► Day or night ➔ night

► Text or Call ➔ text.

► Make-up or au naturel? ➔ uhh i like how i look with eyeliner and mascara so that’s my daily regimen

► Been caught sneaking out? ➔ i don’t think i’ve ever snuck out

► Fallen down/up the stairs? ➔ yes (both)

► Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? ➔ yes

► Prank called a store? ➔ not a store but a person

► Skipped school? ➔ nope

► Wanted to disappear? ➔ yes

► Spent all your money? ➔ i think the only time i ever spent every single dime i had was when i saved up for WEEKS to buy the original sims from toys r us. 

► Met a celebrity? ➔ yeeeeeeeeeep. quite a few tbh.

► Been really ill? ➔ yes

► Gotten high? ➔ yes

► Smile or eyes ➔ eyes

► Light or dark hair ➔ my trend is darker hair 

► Shorter or taller ➔ i can’t explain it at all but once a person is 6’3 or more i’m instantly more attracted to them even if their face looks like a butt

► Intelligence or attraction ➔ i mean both are important

► Hook-up or relationship ➔ i’ve done both, and i’ll currently take both

► Funny and poor or rich and serious ➔ funny and poor give me arthur weasley

► Mac or PC? ➔ mac

► Chapstick or lipstick? ➔ chapstick

► City or country? ➔ city

► Driving or walking? ➔ walking if i can


► Last phone call? ➔ the food place across the street from where i work

► Last song you listened to? ➔ come a little closer - cage the elephant

► Last thing you ate? ➔ vegetable tempura

► Last thing you drank? ➔ water

► Last place you were? ➔ uh i’m still at work i just got back from the kitchen

► Last kiss? ➔ ex-boyfriend over a year ago (unless you count the guy that kissed me on the cheek like two months ago)

► Last picture taken? ➔ ugly selfie for snapchat

► Last outfit? ➔ uh the one i’m still wearing, a navy dress with yellow flowers

► Last purchase? ➔ lunch from across the street

Tú hablas muchos idiomas, Derek Hale. You know exactly what I’m saying.

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Albus Severus Potter and the curse of the awful name.

"It is our names, Albus, that show which child our parents really hate, far more than our abilities"

I’m adding this one because it’s my favourite