20 Day Rory/Jess challenge

Day 14.
Favorite Jess quote about/to Rory.

“I know you, I know you better than anyone, this isn’t you!”, episode 6x08

JESS: What’s going on with you?
RORY [stunned]: What do you mean?
JESS: You know what I mean! I know you. I know you better than anyone! This isn’t you.
RORY: I don’t know.
JESS [passionately]: What are you doing? Living at your grandparents’ place? Being in the DAR? No Yale - why did you drop out of Yale?
RORY: It’s complicated!
JESS: It’s not! It’s not complicated!
RORY [defensive]: You don’t know!
JESS: This isn’t you! This! You going out with this jerk, with the Porsche! We made fun of guys like this!
RORY: You caught him on a bad night.
JESS: This isn’t about him! Okay? Screw him! What’s going on with you? This isn’t you, Rory. You know it isn’t. What’s going on?
[Rory is starting to get it. He looks at her, questioning.]
RORY [sincerely]: I don’t know. [She looks around, thinking. She wraps her coat tightly around her.] I don’t know.

This quote. This quote. There are a lot of Jess’ quotes I love, but this one is surely my favorite because, I mean, is so true! He knows her, he really knows her. He knows her dreams, how hard she usually fought for them, how she always knew what she wanted to do with her life, since she was just a kid. And then, he finds her again and what he sees? That she just gave up on her dreams, on Yale, on being a journalist, on everything. And this makes him mad and angry because, c’mon, we all know that, like he says, this isn’t Rory, not at all. I LOVE how passionate he is when he tries to make her see the truth. He said to her the night before that he finally realized his dreams because of her, because Rory was the one who taught him about never give up and know she’s acting the opposite. But he knows better. He knows that this isn’t her, this is not what she really wants. And finally she “wakes up”. All because of Jess. It’s like a circle finally closed.

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