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If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.” 

If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.” 



I’m not one to be nostalgic for season 1 of Suits because I think the show has only gotten more interesting and compelling, but one thing I do miss is Season 1 Donna.  ”I’m the best damn assistant but I wouldn’t say I’m *just* an assistant” Donna.  for a while it seemed like they’d ramp up her visibility by giving her an actual life, and instead we got This.  

This, where her entire character exists in service of Harvey.  This, where literally every other character has gotten their independent storyline, and the closest Donna has gotten was dating a cheap Harvey knock-off, and even that devolved explicitly into being about her carrying a torch. This, where she thinks she’s the sole, end-all authority on what’s best for Harvey (above even Harvey himself) and that everyone else is Wrong - that anyone else is downright selfish for considering their own needs and rights above Harvey’s, no matter how reasonable.  If Mike wants a personal relationship or a non-felonious career, if Scottie is scared of being held at a distance, they’re Betraying Harvey.  If Donna, on the other hand, does endanger Harvey’s career, she was just protecting him.  I could handle these as character flaws, but the show seems to treat her pov as righteous.

I have a hard time blaming her character for all of this - I still want to like her character - but I’m pretty fucking bitter towards the writers.  I’m also really fucking bitter about anyone enjoying these developments (or god forbid, finding them romantic).  Donna’s “character development” is pretty much a shitstain on a show which otherwise blows me away at every turn. I want to shake the shit out of the creative team until they STOP.

Cosigned (although I actually do hate the character now).

My lengthy rant on the subject is here