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i always think of beardface and colonel doctor and snoop dogg intern/resident/attending as such staples of scrubs that have been there since the beginning but i’m on 4x13 and beardface only just showed up last episode and snoop dogg was in it once so far and there has been NO MENTION of colonel doctor (but he’s in the background all the time I SEE HIM)

also i could have sworn mandy moore and/or kylie would have already been part of jd’s life and they have not

clearly my scrubs timelines are ALL OFF

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oh so guess what

turns out my chest pain is most likely a condition called costochondritis

since it lasted like three days and I almost fainted at work yesterday my mom told me to go to the doctor and I did this morning

they checked out my heart and took some blood work just to be safe but my heart and lungs apparently sound fine so it’s probably just this costochondritis thing which is basically a swelling in the cartilage between your sternum and ribs

it should go away on its own it’s just very uncomfortable and def had me worrying something was wrong with my heart or something

it should be better in a couple days

I know you all were concerned

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so we’re heading to my grandparents for labor day weekend

aka I’m not gonna be around today or most of tomorrow

I do have my phone but lbr tumblr mobile is shitty

so goodbye til tomorrow!

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now I’m stealing books from the weasleys


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one paper stands between me and graduation

if I can write it tonight that will be GLORIOUS

but we all know me and I’ll just dick around and whine about not wanting to do it all night and then have to do it tomorrow

and my family is coming tomorrow to pick up a bunch of my shit

so that’s gonna cut into my time

but GOD it’d be so nice to get it done tonight

send me motivational thoughts so I’ll do it

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ok so tomorrow I have to

and then thursday I have to

and then friday I have to

my paper has to be 2500-3000 words. so that’s not terrible. but my focus hasn’t been good all year so it’s going to take me forever. you’ll undoubtedly see me on tumblr, but I won’t be around much otherwise CUZ I NEED TO GET THIS SHIT DONE plus I have other RA things to do so I’m gonna be pretty busy til saturday, when it’s SPRING BREAK WOOHOO (yes that’s a friends reference if you didn’t catch it)

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I hear my brother watching Friends in the other room

(if you know it through a wall, you know it too well!)

and he literally just BURST into laughter for like a minute

nothing pleases me more than people enjoying my favorite show

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lotr marathon was fucking awesome

as always, I lost it like 5 times during return of the king

ugh everything is hobbits and nothing hurts

and now it’s 5:30 and I have to get up in the morning and I’M NOT TIRED AT ALL

so I’ll probably go watch doctor who or something idk I need to fall asleep but I’m just reveling in perfection that is the lotr triology


perfect movies are perfect

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