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Fourteen years ago, a Death Eater named Bellatrix Lestrange used the Cruciatus Curse on my parents. She tortured them for information, but they never gave in. I’m quite proud to be their son.

dylan + puppies



My sister showed me this video of what remains of S Club 7 and watching it has probably been the single most upsetting part of my day

This is kind of like the end of My Dog Skip where Skip is too old and arthritic to jump onto the bed and you just know… it’s time

Look at the way Paul keeps looking at Jo because he doesn’t quite know their choreography. I guess she really do got the flow

I think a piece of my heart died watching this

oh no

“What the bloody hell are you doing here?”
“Charming. Do you always attack people who knock on your door?”
“You didn’t answer my question. And you know perfectly well that I’m still mad at you.”
“Oh, come on, Evans. You know I can still make you laugh.”
“Nope, no you can’t.”