psa i call everyone ‘man’ ‘bro’ ‘bruh’ and stuff like that because im an 80s surfer dude from california at heart 

BUT if you’d rather me not call you those things OR if i call you those things and you’re uncomfortable with it please tell me and i promise i won’t call you that and i’ll apologize if i’ve already called you it 

80s surfer dude lingo is rad but not when it hurts other people 



I love the Pushing Daisies universe because it’s this beautiful little bright world where people live in windmills and keep bees and everyone’s jobs are things like lighthouse keeping, illusionists, and scratch-and-sniff book authors. But it’s teeming with cold-blooded murder.

lupin smiled

lupin smiled


Come on ELSA!! [x]


Come on ELSA!! [x]


Lupita Nyong’o wins Best Supporting Actress at the 2014 Oscars

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nothing is impossible when the pirates of the caribbean theme plays in the background 


you know how you have one of those lil crushes on someone and it’s not necessarily enough to act on (or you know you’d never be able to act on it) but it always always stays, for whatever reason, and you always feel a bit nervous and fluttery around that person and you always try not to look too interested when someone mentions them, and seeing them makes you really happy and you are always just a little disappointed when they like someone even though you don’t have any actual plans to date them but you still like to imagine it sometimes and you know you would make a cute couple but there’s no point in thinking too long about it because you just have a really tiny crush on them, i swear, it’s not even really a crush i mean it’s hardly worth mentioning?